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Become an IKMF-Certified Krav Maga Instructor


The SOURCE of Krav Maga

The International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) was established by the founder of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or), and is the oldest Krav Maga organization in the World. Based out of Rishon LeZion, Israel we have been training Krav Maga students throughout the World since 1978 and, outside our civilian curriculum, train the best of the best including the Israel Defense Forces, as well as other elite military units in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Most Advanced Evolving CURRICULUM

IKMF’s curriculum is the most advanced, comprehensive and expansive Krav Maga curriculum in the World today with training available in specific specialities including Civilian, Women, Kid, Adapative/Disability, Law Enforcement, Military, and VIP/Bodyguard training. Every year our global instructors meet to review all our techniques and, if needed, adjust them based on real-world feedback. In that, our system and techniques continue to evolve with what’s happening in the World today, right now.

So that EVERYONE can walk in peace

Krav Maga was founded on the principle of ‘So That Everyone Can Walk in Peace’ and, 40 years later, IKMF is still driving Imi’s vision of self-defense for EVERYONE. Regardless of gender, age, or physical ability our training is designed so that everyone can defend themselves in any situation. To Walk in Peace is, quite simply, saying you have the confidence to defend yourself in any situation and, therefore, can walk confidently with peace of mind.

IKMF Instructors are FAMILY

Even better than camaraderie is family; and that’s what IKMF Instructors are to each other. A global family that welcomes and embraces everyone with open arms. You are never alone in the IKMF family.


The course is compiled of two parts referred to as CIC1 and CIC2. The total duration of the course is 21 days or 180 hours.

The Civilian Instructor Course will educate you in most Krav Maga techniques, various fighting techniques, Principles of Krav Maga doctrine, Teaching and practice methods, Training methods, Basic management, Promotion and marketing of a training place and more.

During the course participants will be supplied with the instructor's manual, pictures and Logo for future use once qualified, Grading and curriculum material, lessons plans and more.

An Instructor Diploma will be issued to qualified participants by the IKMF. The graduates of the course will join the IKMF local branch and operate according to our simple regulations.

Basic Qualifications

A recommendation from the local Krav Maga organization in your country Or A police / Military officer Or a manager of a security company
Approval from the local IKMF director Or IKMF HQ to participate in the course. or 4 year background in other martial arts is an advantage.
Lack of criminal record by declaration
Health insurance
A personal interview
Health declaration

Other Available Instructor Courses

Law Enforcement Instructor
Military Instructor
Special Units Instructor
VIP and Security Instructor